Save your hair strands

Historically, the condition of one’s hair plays a major role in his/her self-image. Somewhere along the way, some people experience hair related challenges, where the hair strands weaken, and as a result, its strength is lost, leading to hair fall out and premature greying. There are several factors that cause such conditions. Some of them include; health complications, e.g. thyroid problems, ageing, or excessive washing with harsh alcohols and soaps that individuals use to maintain healthy hair growth. Damaged hair is characterized by an inability to absorb moisture and chemicals, decreased levels of lipids, resistance to comp movement while straightening, and discoloration. There exist several simple and natural ways of protecting hair strands like the one from

Hair recovery

Hair is made up of three major layers, the medulla, cortex, the cuticle that protects it from damage. Once the cuticle is affected, the hair loses moisture, then becomes dry, brittle, harsh in texture, less elastic, and eventually begin to fall off. Though trimming the hair has proved to be the best solution for getting rid of bad hair, other natural, safe, and effective methods of repairing already spoilt hair. Olive oil is made of fatty acids, antioxidants and vitamin E that moisturize the cuticle layer, giving the hair an appealing look and protecting it from future damage.

Avocado, being rich in vitamins, fats, proteins, and natural oils, keeps the hair hydrated and flexible by coating and softening the hair strands. Cheap products such as Aloe Vera, coconut oil, and cosmetics containing banana or hibiscus flavor serve as home remedies for protecting the air against UV rays. Doctors have approved Profollica to interested parties. Clinical tests prove its ability to enhance hair growth as it stimulates blood flow into the follicles thus regulating the scalp oiliness. The process of restoring healthy hair, no matter the means, takes a long period; therefore it calls for high levels of patience